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Figured I'd be the first other than the mod to post, since if this community is going to work we need to be at least a little bit active~!

Anywho, I'm Kaisha, I currently live in New Hamburg, Ontario, about 10 minutes from Kitchener and around an hour away from Toronto.
I'm originally from St. Thomas, which is about 20 minutes from London.

I don't think there are any other lolitas near me, or anyone even interested in lolita, which is sad, but a fact of life, I suppose xD;

hmm.. what else?
a little about myself and my style, I suppose;
I've just turned 17 (11 days ago, actually xD)
I'm more into ouji-style on myself, but that's because I've never really worn dresses besides the time when my mother dressed me when I was little (I'd often wear some very loliable dresses when she did :'D!)
My favourite lolita styles are... well basically all of them (except cosplay lolita, etc.) I find it very hard to choose, but I love victorian style necklines and sailor style.

aaaand three pictures and a drawing. because I'm cool like that xD also because I like knowing what people look like when I talk to them :'D

my hair isn't white anymore, unfortunately, since the bleach was killing my hair (I had dyed it over black dye -committer of horrible hair sins-) it's back to around my natural colour now so it can grow out :3

<-- I draw weird/badly proportioned caricatures of myself, apparently x3

I'd be glad to talk to anyone in the community and get to know all of you, since Ontarian lolita solidarity is a good thing!
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