5ynny50rr0w (5ynny50rr0w) wrote in ontario_lolita,

Tea Party In Toronto <3

Everyone is invited to a Tea Party!

Read more here Clicky for Facebook Event Page
Or Below

This is an open invitational to any lolita across the GTA to come and meet some new friends and reconnect with old ones ^^

It is a work in progress and hopefully the first of many over the next year.

Suggestions for locations are more than welcome.

Everyone is invited and we only request you dress in at least casual lolita and bring your appetite for tea and scones ♥

Please RSVP as accurately as possible.
Depending on where we hold this we will probably need to make a reservation and will need a pretty accurate number of how many will be attending.

Closer to the actual date I will send out reminders about RVSP final dates.
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