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Kaitlin Elizabeth

Birthday Party

Hey, everyone!

My name is Kaitlin. I think I've mentioned it before, but I am from Montreal. I am often in the Toronto area though visiting my boyfriend, Joshua. I've met some of the Lolitas here in Montreal, but most of them are french-speaking, and, since I am english-speaking and my french is terrible, I've never really "bonded" with them.

Thus, I would love to meet you lovely GTA Lolitas! So, I've come up with a little idea. Let me know what you think.

My 22nd birthday is this January, and I wanted to celebrate with an elegant High Tea. I am eying the Windsor Arms Hotel on St. Thomas Street, downtown Toronto as my venue of choice.

However, not many people I know are interested in having High Tea with me, and I think it would be wasted on most of my friends. However, High Tea at a lovely venue like the Windsor Arms Hotel sounds like a Lolita dream! ♥

It would be a wonderful chance to meet some of you, so I thought I would invite some of you lovely ladies to my birthday party!

Since you would be my guests, it would be my treat, with no expense to you! This would include your tea, your meal and your desert! Now, I wouldn't be able to invite everyone... I have to decide how many people would be feasible to invite. I don't exactly know how I should sort out the guest list either. Should it be a first to reserve gets to come sort of thing? Any suggestions on that would be nice :)

After the tea party, I would also plan some sort of event to do afterwards. Any ideas for an after activity would also be appreciated!

> just a few questions:

1) Do you think this is a good idea?
2) Would a Saturday or a Sunday be a better day for you?
3) Would you be willing to bring a small birthday gift ($5)?
4) Do you have any ideas for what to do after the Tea Party?
5) Since there is a limit on how many girls I can invite, how should I sort out the guest list?
6) And finally, would you want to come to a party like this?

Thank you so much ^_^ I really hope this works out! I think it'd be a really lovely party!

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